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White Sands

What is Breathwork?

There are many different kinds of breathwork out there available to you. The breathwork that you will practice with me is from the Body of Breath method taught by Ashley Ludman. Ashley Ludman's style of conscious connected circular breathing was influenced by tantra energetic breathwork. The client-practitioner will be guided and supported through a conscious connected circular breathing session. The process includes accelerated breathing without pauses combined with rhythmic music while lying comfortably on a mat. It can bring the client-practitioner to an inner journey and sometimes a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Breathwork is an ancient process for healing that continues to be used to this day by modern healers. It is a tool that can help individuals tap into their own inner healing intelligence, awareness of self and body, uncover and dislodge old patterns and beliefs, and release emotions that are stuck in the mind and body. It can also help with relaxation, stress, self-awareness, mindfulness, and personal growth. Each persons experience is unique and unfolds on its own. Like other practices your experience of conscious connected circular breathing will be its best definition.  

You can read more about breathwork on WebMD here!

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