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About Kelly Berkley


A little about me

Approved and Trusted Breathwork Facilitator by

Kelly Berkley, Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Founder of BreathTide

I discovered the transformative power of breath in my personal healing journey. My initial interest in breathwork was sparked by my struggle with asthma, which left me unable to take full inhalations. This limitation caused persistent discomfort and, at times, made it really difficult to fall asleep.


Driven by my desire to find relief from my asthma symptoms, I immersed myself in learning about various breathwork methodologies. I sought guidance from asthma experts specializing in techniques such as Buteyko and Coordinated Breathing. And at one point got certified in pranayama. Through these interactions and training, I gained valuable insights and tools that helped improve my breathing habits and my asthma.


Eventually my curiosity led me to conscious connected circular breathing. I soon discovered that my asthma challenges were actually long-held emotional tension stored in my chest and diaphragm. Through this type of breathwork, which is also a somatic exercise, I was able to release the decades-old tension from my body and finally breathe easefully. At that point I realized breathwork offered much more than just relief from my asthma. It held the potential to heal on physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels. 


Since 2016, I have spent time practicing and studying breathwork in Bali, Costa Rica, and the US. Eventually I decided to formalize my study and received my “Body of Breath” breathwork facilitator certification (conscious connected breathing) in-person in Nosara, Costa Rica in January 2022. I am currently involved in a virtual multi-year-long mentorship and training program led by Ashley Ludman with a small intimate group of 4 other certified breathwork facilitators. I also received my pranayama certification in 2018 at Beloved Yoga in Reston, VA. I received my yoga teacher training certification through an immersive training program in Uvita, Costa Rica at Bienestar Yoga in 2021.


My Trainings/certifications:

    • Certified Thai Body Massage Level 1 Body Worker from Spiritual Essence Yoga (December 2022). In-person in Upper Marlboro, MD.

    • Certified breathwork facilitator in The Body of Breath method by Ashley Ludman (January 2022). It is a type of conscious connected circular breathing influenced by tantra energetic breathwork. In-person training in Nosara, Costa Rica 

    • On-going mentorship and training program led by Ashley Ludman (March 2022 to current). Virtual, International. 

    • Yoga Teacher Training (RYT-200) from Bienestar Yoga (June 2021) in-person in Uvita, Costa Rica

    • Pranayama Certification from Beloved Yoga (2018) in-person in Reston, VA

    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from West Virginia University (December 2004). Morgantown, WV

  • Additional Learnings:

    • 7 week Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System program led by the Founder of Biodynamic Breathwork, Gitan Tonkov ​(Aug/September 2022). Virtual, International

    • Workshop series on Compassionate Inquiry Approach to Mental and Physical Illness taught by Gabor Mate (March 2023). Virtual, International

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